Langs de Wegen van de Delicatessen van Rovinj

Langs de Wegen van de Delicatessen van Rovinj fotogallerij

Gedurende deze manifestatie in bekende restaurants in Rovinj kunnen bezoekers delicatessen proeven voor promotieprijzen.

1. Restaurant “GRACIANO“, Obala Palih boraca bb, tel. 052 811515 or 098 256484  

Fish menu: Marinated fish fantasy; Smoked Adriatic fish fillet with a side dish; Agro chocolate dessert; A glass of Malvazija Panjoka 0.2 l  

Meat menu:   Istrian cold platter Rump steak with a side dish Cheesecake A glass of Cuvee Panjoka 0.2 l  

2. Restaurant “BRANCIN DA NINO“, Trg G. Pignatona 8, t. 052811530 or 0912811530

Fish menu: Sea rhapsody; Octopus and prawn brodet; Tutti-Frutti cake; White wine 0.25 and water

Meat menu: Autumn meat salad; Pork loin with porcini mushrooms in red wine and polenta; Tutti-Frutti cake; Red wine 0.25 and water  

3. Tavern “ŠTORIJA“, Ulica Matije Vlačića Orrika 11, Tel. 052821120 or 0912050064

Fish menu: Marinated sardines Shrimps and clams alla busara "Štorija" with polenta; Homemade cake; A glass of white wine  

Meat menu: Istrian cold plate (ombolo, prosciutto, pancetta, sausages); Grilled stuffed turkey breast with truffle sauce and homemade noodles; Homemade cake; A glass of red wine  

4. Diner „VOLLEY FERATA“, Kolodvorsko šetalište 3, tel. 0981806238

Fish menu: Tagliatelle with tuna; Stuffed squid with potato salad; Panna cotta; A glass of white Vivoda wine and water

Meat menu: Istrian Minestrone; Fried chicken rolls and roasted potatoes with onions; Panna cotta; A glass of red Vivoda wine and water  

5. Restaurant “LA PERLA“, E. Bullessicha 2, Tel. 052811801 or 0989333511

Meat menu: Ravioli with rocket and prosciutto; Pork rolls stuffed with ham and cheese with puree in wild mushroom sauce; Homemade chocolate soufflé  

Fish menu: White sauce Adriatic prawn risotto; Wild fish fillet with Mediterranean vegetables in parchment; Homemade chocolate soufflé  

6. Restaurant „FORTUNA“, Obala A. Rismonda 3, Tel. 052813450 or 0977008008

Fish menu: Welcome aperitif; Cod  Sea bass fillet in Istrian truffle sauce with boiled potatoes; A pancake; White wine 0.2l and water

Meat menu: Welcome aperitif; Sheep’s milk cheese with Istrian truffles; Chicken fillet in a sauce with Istrian truffles and boiled potatoes; A pancake;  Red wine 0.2l and water  

7. Restaurant „DREAM“, J. Rakovca 18, Tel. 052830613 or 0915799239

Fish menu: Salted sardines; Homemade black bigoli pasta with frogfish; Cherry cake; A glass of white wine Malvazija Deklić  

Meat menu: Pumpkin soup; Pork loin with gnocchi; Chocolate tart; A glass of red wine merlot Medea 0.1  

8. Restaurant „SANTA ROMA“, J. Rakovca 42, Tel. 0911555000

Fish menu: The cold seafood platter (salted anchovies, octopus salad, fish paté); Rolled sea bass fillet on roasted black polenta with black truffle cream; Dry fig cake; A glass of white wine  

Meat menu: Boškarin cheeks paté with black truffle; Cutlet on pea cream with sautéed carrots; Cheesecake "Malvasia"; A glass of red wine

9. Restaurant „KANTINON“, Obala A. Rismondo 18, t. 052816075

Fish menu: Sardines in homemade marinade; Pan-fried Adriatic mackerel, roast Istrian tomato, fennel and olives; Homemade fritule with cherry sauce; 0.20 l of wine (white or red) or 0.30 l of draft beer  

Meat menu: Istrian maneštra with beans, chickpeas and pancetta; Beef stew with homemade curd gnocchi; Homemade fritule with cherry sauce 0.20 l of wine (white or red) or 0.30 l of draft beer 



 The listed delicacies will be available at the promotional price of HRK 120 per menu. Reservations are preferable.