Beaches in Rovinj

Explore the beaches in Rovinj which include up to 2289 ha of a protected coastal area with lush greenery, 14 stunning islands, islets and landscapes with 6 cliffs creating a picturesque scenery for most romantic moments. Apart from naturist and dog beaches, there are areas for people with reduced mobility and therapeutic beaches, as well as areas with protected nature making it an ideal destination for anyone.

Rovinj coast and the coastal area is a unique natural environment because there are 2289 ha of protected green areas, 14 islands, islets and 6 cliffs. The coastline with many beaches is 67 km long.

Baluota Beach – In the evening, this attractive rocky beach at the foot of St. Euphemia’s Church is transformed into a special venue for unique events. The special lighting enables undisturbed nighttime swimming.

Beaches in Zlatni Rt – they are situated at three locations with catering and sanitary facilities, while two of them offer beach gear rental. Improved sea access.

Lone Bay – After improvement, it became the most visited town bathing spot at an attractive location in the Park Forest Zlatni Rt right next to the town and numerous hotels.

Škaraba – The beaches in this part of the coast are quite visited, especially in the west part. Cape Škaraba has a nice beach with flat rocks suitable for sunbathing.

Kuvi Bay – It is located near the Villas Rubin Tourist Resort, around 3 km from the center of Rovinj, and stretches along 1 km of shoreline. These beaches are highly frequented due to the gravel, pebbles and easy sea access. Restaurants and bars, showers, a sport center renting deckchairs, kayaks and the like are nearby.

Beach on the Island of St. Andrija – the beaches here are rocky and pebbly, and each is equally visited.

Beach on St. Katarina Island – The most visited beaches on the island are those on the eastern part and are mostly rocky with accessible coves. The western part of the island is the location of the following famous rocks: Golden, Silver and Bronze rocks, favourable for free-jumping lovers. The boats for the island of St. Andrija and St. Katarina depart every hour from the city centre and the ride lasts about 15 minutes to the island of St. Andrija and 5 minutes to the island of St. Katarina.

Delfin Swimming Center – an Olympic-size pool situated near Hotel Park. It is equipped with sanitary facilities, showers and a sunbathing area.

There are also many other hidden beaches that are regularly looked after and well-tended: three beaches in the cove between Valalta and Amarin, Saline cove and coves Križ and Kaštelan. The frequently visited beaches are also those near the Rovinj hospital in the coves Lešo and Valdibora. Rovinj coast is bounded by two protected parks. Swimming is forbidden in the park on the northern side in Lim Channel, but it is allowed to swim in Palud cove. It is possible to come to this beach only on foot through the ornithological park. The attractive hidden beaches suitable for swimming are also located on the islets Figarola, Sturago, Sv. Ivan, Polari, Veštar, Gustinja Velika and Mala sestrica.
Beside the above stated, the suitable and well-tended beaches are those in tourist settlements Valalta (FKK), Amarin, Valdaliso, Villas Rubin, and camps Polari and Veštar, as well as the beaches on the islands of St. Andrija and St. Katarina. The beaches in the tourist settlements Amarin and Villas Rubin and the camp in Polari, as well as the beach on the island of St. Andrija, are the holders of the Blue flag.

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