Calendar of events

  • 21.12. - 30.09.

    Prints of press

  • Exhibition of the history of printing

    The exhibition covers the period from 1859, when Antonio Coana from Venice moved to Rovinj and founded the printing company "Istriana", until 1974 when the Istratisak was founded in Pazin....
  • 28.05. - 02.06.

    Yacht Racing Weekend

  • A special weekend in Steel with a rich program and a lot of incredible...
  • 29.05. - 02.06.

    Adris 44Cup

  • Sailing cup

    After almost 10 years, the world sailing elite arrives again in Rovinj. Wednesday, 29 May 10.00 Practice race briefing 11.30 1st warning for practice racing 18.15 Welcome drinksThursday,...
  • 31.05. - 01.06.

    The Sea in the Palm of Your Hand

  • 8th International Poetry Festival

    PROGRAM FESTIVAL: FRIDAY, 31.5.2019. PULA 19:30 Plato in front of the Church of St. Antun Padovanski, Varaždinska 2 (entrance next to the Arena) Opening of the festival / Promotion of...
  • 01.06.

    Figarola island Eco-Action

  • Ecological action of cleaning the island of Figarola

    Sport fishing club Meduza is organizing an eco-action of cleaning the Figarola island. The purpose of this laudable action is to keep the sea clean but also raise the citizens' awareness of...
  • 01.06. - 29.06.

    Sofía Bertomeu Hojberg (Spain)

  • An independent exhibition

    Museumscapes & Disolved...
  • 01.06.

    Ricordando Faber

  • Concert on the 20th anniversary of the death of the great artist, poet and songwriter Fabrizio De André

    Performing: Goran Salvi - drums, percussion Marko Kalčić - bass guitar Dino Kalcic - classical and acoustic guitar Giorgio Sugar - keyboards, mandolin, accordion Ivan Šugar -...
  • 04.06. - 10.10.

    Along the Path of Henry Morgan

  • Bike tour on Tuesdays

  • 07.06. - 08.06.

    Dvigrad Festival

  • Early music festival

    In the early Middle Ages two towns existed here, of which only one, Dvigrad-Duecastelli, was populated throughout the entire medieval period, until the 17th century. Its exciting history...
  • 07.06. - 10.06.

    International Football Youth Tournament

  • Watch young football hopes in action, discover future soccer stars and enjoy an exciting game in beautiful...
  • 08.06.

    HSKD Rascica

  • Folklore performance of the association from...
  • 08.06.

    From Lehar to Kollman, from Costa to the Lombardo-Ronzato couple

  • Show / Operetta concert

    With Alessio Colautti and Andrea Binetti, on the piano Corrado Gulin, on the violin Fabio Alberti. Free...