Tourist guides

If you are interested in the sightseeing of the city and its cultural and historical attractions, contact the Tourist Guide Association or directly a licenced guide.

Tourist Guide Association e-mail: 

Name and surname Languages Tel. E-mail
Alberto Košara IT, DE +385(0)915272709
Slobodan Hercigonja EN, DE +385(0)98738960
Ina Bednar IT, EN +385(0)919560744
Berisha Besnik EN, AL +385(0)995041333
Mihaela Medić IT, EN, DE +385(0)98655457
Aneli Radovan IT, EN, DE +385(0)98797963
Helena Vidulin IT, DE +385(0)98762692
Maslinka Kempf EN, DE, Istria hiking guide +385(0)915855575
Goran Cvek IT, EN, ES, FR +385(0)915328389
Renato Orbanić EN, DE +385(0)915216206
Gordana Rojnić EN, DE +385(0)922413733
Matijas Sekulić EN, DE +385(0)912903925
Vukica Palčić IT, EN, DE +385(0)98794003
Damir Mateis IT, DE +385(0)915058106  
Anđela Salihbegović DE +385(0)997005490
Milivoj Čuka DE +385(0)992211902
Paolo Paliaga IT, EN +385(0)915385047
Matea Lacmanović IT, EN, DE, SI +385(0)981312860
Boban Memedović IT, EN, SI +385(0)98855231
Romina Kuharić IT, EN, DE, ES, PT, SE +385(0)981994858