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Rovinj Association of Tourist Guides wishes you a warm welcome to Rovinj-Rovigno!

You can enjoy your time here just by strolling around through the old, narrow streets and by breathing the fresh sea air at the sea front. Rovinj is definitely beautiful as it is. If you wish to add some more flavour to your stay in Rovinj contact one of our licensed local guides. We will add to all this and take you through Rovinj`s history, culture and its rich tradition. With our authenticity, friendliness and knowledge we will share with you this magical corner of Istria that we call home. Our goal is to make you feel like a local and to bring back home a piece of Rovinj with you.

If you are interested in the sightseeing of the city and its cultural and historical attractions, contact the Tourist Guide Association or directly a licenced guide.

Tourist Guide Association e-mail:

Name and surname Languages Tel. E-mail
Alberto Košara IT, DE +385(0)915272709
Mihaela Medić IT, EN, DE +385(0)98655457
Aneli Radovan IT, EN, DE +385(0)98797963
Helena Vidulin IT, DE +385(0)98762692
Maslinka Kempf EN, DE, Istria hiking guide +385(0)915855575
Goran Cvek IT, EN, ES, FR +385(0)915328389
Renato Orbanić EN, DE +385(0)915216206
Gordana Rojnić EN, DE +385(0)922413733
Matijas Sekulić EN, DE +385(0)912903925
Vukica Palčić IT, EN, DE +385(0)98794003
Damir Mateis IT, DE +385(0)915058106  
Anđela Salihbegović DE +385(0)997005490
Paolo Paliaga IT, EN +385(0)915385047
Matea Lacmanović EN, DE, SI +385(0)981312860
Romina Kuharić IT, EN, DE, ES, PT, SE +385(0)981994858
Boban Memedović IT, EN, SI +385(0)957796166
Lara Venier IT, EN +385(0)998778239
Matijas Sekulić EN, DE +385(0)912903925
Berisha Besnik EN, AL +385(0)995041333
Ina Bednar IT, EN +385(0)919560744
Vladana Gajić IT, EN, ES, FR +385(0)923266048
Slobodan Hercigonja EN, DE +385(0)98738960
Augusta Ljutić IT, EN +385(0)977845761
Anica Licul Valenta IT, DE +385(0)912518771