Multimedia Center (MMC)

The Multimedia Center is a beautiful example of modern architecture and monovolume design covering 250 square meters, exquisitely located in the immediate vicinity of the sea. The attractive and multifunctional structure was primarily envisioned as a civic center and a venue for various cultural, educational and entertainment events. The wide range of programs and events hosted in MMC to this day (promotions, lectures, presentations, film shows, concerts, dance evenings, etc.) includes: Croatian Designers' Convention; art show by eleven top Croatian children's illustrators organized in co-operation with "Klovićevi dvori"; "Koje dobre šuze" art show in co-operation with Ethnographic Museum Zagreb; Exhibition of Small and Miniature Ceramics by artists from 72 countries; "Dobre vibracije na Šiljku“ talk show hosted by Vojo Šiljak with guests such as Tarik Filipović, Žarko Radić, Sandra Bagarić, Lino Červar; live shows by Croatian jazz artists such as Tamara Obrovac, Elvis Stanić Group, Meri Trošelj; Rovinj Spring Jazz Festival; Istrian Artexchange art fair and numerous other events.