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Free climbing in Rovinj is ideal for all adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies. Climbing in Istria has been popular among climbers for a number of years and is continuing its upward trend. And climbing Rovinj just can’t be missed as it is the one of the most excitin climbing destinations in Croatia. The last few years in Rovinj, as everywhere in the world, free climbing is a sport that is increasingly spreading and gaining popularity. Although the majority of people still consider free climbing an extreme sport, the fact is that it is being practiced by the old and the young, women and men, and that with an experienced guide and teacher the risks are reduced to minimum. Besides, it is an activity requiring constant maintenance of physical fitness and shape bringing one to a direct contact with treasures of nature and its beauty. Climbing in Rovinj is a must for every climber. It is possible in the following locations:

Park Forest Zlatni Rt - the most popular climbing site and very popular among climbing Croatia circles. A vertical rock is only around 20 meters from the sea and faces west, so you will be able to enjoy unique sunsets and a view of the Rovinj Archipelago in the late afternoon. Most of the routes are easy and suitable for beginners and family excursions.

Dvigrad - a climbing Istria site near a long-abandoned medieval town is located only a few kilometers from Limska Draga. The place where you can park your car is 10 to 15 minutes from Rovinj and you will then reach the climbing site in a few minutes on foot. The temperatures are high in summertime, so we recommend you bring a drink with you.

Limska Draga - this climbing site is next to the road for Poreč, at the entrance to Limska Draga. The rock faces south, so we recommend you wait for your climb until 5 p.m. in summertime when it is in the shade. Although the clmbing site is right beside the road, not many car pass by outside the peak season.

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