Dog Friendly Beaches Rovinj

Photo gallery

Dog beaches Rovinj include areas where dogs are allowed to swim. Rovinj has many dog beaches so you and your dog won’t have a hard time finding where to swim.

Dog beaches in Rovinj

  • Borik beach – from the northern wall of the Rovinj hospital;
  • The quarry in the Golden Cape Forest Park – before the ascent from the north and south side;
  • Škaraba beach – in the cove on the west side;
  • Cuvi cove in the western part towards the Škaraba beach, and after the beach bar towards the tourist resort Villas Rubin;
  • Bolničko naselje – on the beach across the Luigi Monti Street;
  • Kastelan cove – towards the tourist resort Amarin;
  • Veštar cove – at the end of the white trail after the Mon Paradis campsite;
  • Cisterna cove – next to the cistern.