Baredine cave

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Baredine cave is a karst phenomenon, geomorphological monument of nature and the first Istrian speleological site modelled to meet tourist demands, as such open since 1995.Situated in the northern part of Istria, nearby Nova Vas, between Poreč, Višnjan and Tar, only 5 km from the coastline.

The cave is surrounded by rich prehistoric archaeological sites, Histric forts, antic villas, medieval monasteries, and the still well-preserved, intact landscape.

The term Baredine stands for the area surrounding a cave, which is why the Baredine cave got such denomination. It most likely originates from the word « Bared», in local language a term denoting uncultivated soil. Today, the term does not correspond to the reality. Throughout centuries, the hard-working residents have turned the surrounding area into fertile fields and cleared away the rocks. The flattened area surrounding the cave situated at an altitude of 117 meters offers a view of neatly arranged olive gardens and vineyards spreading all the way to the sea.

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