Medical care for tourists

If a Medical Care Convention has been signed between Croatia and the country from which the tourist comes, he or she is not under obligation to pay for medical expenses.

Tourist Medical Center

The Tourist Medical Center operates within the Rovinj Emergency Clinic (Istarska ulica bb), Tel. 00385/95/325-6004, E-mail:
If a Medical Care Convention has been signed between Croatia and the country from which the tourist comes, he or she is not under obligation to pay for medical expenses. The cost of medical services in the case of tourists coming from countries with which such a convention has not been signed is payable by the tourist on the spot, according to a pre-established price list. There are hospitals and clinics in all larger towns, and medical centers and pharmacies in all smaller ones. For patients in life danger, we provide emergency chopper transportation.


Prim. dr. Martin Horvat Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Hospital

This institution enjoys a hundred-year-old tradition and has all the state-of-the-art equipment necessary for providing physical therapy, three indoor pools filled with seawater, sports fields and beaches equipped to provide hydrotherapy treatment. This hospital provides rehabilitation services for immobile, partially or compleTely paralyzed people, treatment of damages to the central and peripheral nervous system, as well as treatment of degenerative, dystrophic and rheumatic illnesses. The Physical Therapy Department performs all physiotherapeutic procedures from the field of kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy. During the summer months, the operational part of the beach is used for providing hydrotherapy treatment using seawater. Sports fields have been adjusted for physically impaired people. Phone 052/811-011.


Medical services

Pula General Hospital (32 km) Zagrebačka 30
Negrijeva 6
Tel. 00385/52/376-500
Tel. 00385/52/376-500,
Fax. 00385/52/376-500
Istrian Medical Centers Istarska bb Tel. 00385/52/811-429  
Dental practice
Devescovi Giovanni
43. istarske divizije 6 Tel. 00385/98/1977609  
Dental lab
Dr. Popadić d.o.o.
Matteo Benussi 5A Tel. 00385/52/830-830  
Dr. Rigo, d.o.o. Marca Della Pietra 10 Tel. 00385/52/ 816-172  
H-dent d.o.o. A. Amorosa bb Tel. 00385/52/816-701  
Košćina Tanis, dr. stomatolog Petra Brajnovića 3 Tel. 00385/52/813-510  
Dental practice
Mamužić Melita, dr. stomatolog
Rovinjsko Selo bb Tel. 00385/98/737-417  
Dental practice
Onsrud Lana,
Pusta bb Tel. 00385/52/817-066  
Dental practice
Pellizzer Silva
, dr. stomatolog
Lamanova bb Tel. 00385/98/334-200  
Dental practice
Ravnić-Rudan Loreta
, dr. stomatolog
43. istarske divizije 21 Tel. 00385/52/830-470  
Dental practice
Vukotić Goran
, dr. stomatolog
Aleja 30. svibnja 5 Tel. 00385/52/811-001  
Dental practice
Gasparini Ljubinka
Marka Marulića 18 Tel. 00385/98/440-859  
Branka dent, d.o.o. Carera 22A Tel. 00385/52/830-831  
Žarković Troskot Milana Hermana Dalmatina 8 Tel. 00385/52/812-935  
Surgical clinic
Ðorđević Branko
Giorgia Privileggia Pascia 5 Tel. 00385/52/817-355  
Private medical practice
Gačina Gordana
Sv. Križa 22 Tel. 00385/52/812-089  
Otorhinolaryngology clinic
Munđar Boris
, dr.spec.orl.
Antonija Bronzina 4 Tel. 00385/52/840-303  
Poliklinika dr. Hodžić Istarska 18 Tel. 00385/52/842-500  
Home patient care
Vošten Romana
Gripole 72 Tel. 00385/52/830-710  
Clinic for hemodialysis Naselje Monfiorenzo bb Tel. 00385/52/813-815  



Ljekarna - Farmacia Ul. M. Benussi bb Tel. 00385/52/813-589  
Pharmacy MM Istarska bb Tel. 00385/52/830-040  
Pharmacy Blitva Carrera 22 a Tel. 00385/52/830-832  
Pharmacy Blitva Tina Ujevića 2 Tel. 00385/52/840-680  


Veterinary centers

Veterinary Center Rovinj
Laste 4 Tel. 00385/52/813-214
Mob. 00385/98/334-092
Veterinary Center Rex Laco Sercio 5 Tel/Fax. 00385/52/813-368,
Mob. 00385/98/420-459

Veterinary Center Istra vet d.o.o.

Gripole 68 Tel. 052 553 907


Dog pension

Miljenko Košara Road to Lim – Valalta bb Tel. 00385/91/2017-529  


Dog Beauty Salon

Bell Lacosercio 6 Tel. 00385/52/830-908
Mob. 00385/98/951/2115

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