Tourist Medical Center

The Tourist Medical Center operates within the Rovinj Emergency Clinic (Istarska ulica bb), Tel. 00385/95/325-6004, e-mail: 

If a Medical Care Convention has been signed between Croatia and the country from which the tourist comes, he or she is not under obligation to pay for medical expenses. The cost of medical services in the case of tourists coming from countries with which such a convention has not been signed is payable by the tourist on the spot, according to a pre-established price list. There are hospitals and clinics in all larger towns, and medical centers and pharmacies in all smaller ones. For patients in life danger, we provide emergency chopper transportation. More detailed information is available at Tel. 00385/52/813-195, Fax. 00385/52/816-619.

Private Tourist Medical Care, Trg na lokvi 1, tel. 00385/99/4095-466,