Notice on Nautical Tourist Tax Payment

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Information for nautical visitors relating to Nautical Tourist Tax payment under Art. 4, p. 6 of the Tourist Tax Act (OG 52/19, 32/20 and 42/20) – owners of boats that are not nautical tourism vessels (boaters). For taxpayers under Art. 4, p. 2 of the Tourist Tax Act (OG 52/19, 32/20 and 42/20) – people staying overnight on nautical tourism vessels (charter/cruising) the method of payment has not changed and the tourist tax is paid directly to the corporate or natural person with whom a contract for the provision of services on a nautical tourism vessel has been signed.

In agreement with the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, the Croatian National Tourist Board decided that in 2021 boaters will pay tourist tax exclusively online via the portal and as of 4 April, 2021 boaters will no longer be able to pay tax in port authority offices and local branches. To find out more about the online portal, below is the link with the information sheet available for download in multiple languages: HR, IT, EN, DESI, NL, PL, HU, CZ, FR, QR Code. An example of the certificate that will be emailed to every boater who has successfully paid the tax and which has to be kept with the payer at all times during the stay is provided below:

  • Payment according to the number of persons 1
  • Payment according to the length of the vessel  2