Calendar of events

  • 21.12. - 30.09.

    Prints of press

  • Exhibition of the history of printing

    The exhibition covers the period from 1859, when Antonio Coana from Venice moved to Rovinj and founded the printing company "Istriana", until 1974 when the Istratisak was founded in Pazin....
  • 04.06. - 10.10.

    Along the Path of Henry Morgan

  • Bike tour on Tuesdays

  • 12.07. - 10.08.

    Rovinj art colony

  • The Rovinj art colony is the largest group exhibition of visual arts. The participants of the exhibition are artists from Rovinj but guest artists are also invited each...
  • 24.07. - 10.08.

    Josipa Pentić

  • Indipendent...
  • 01.08. - 04.08.

    Last minute open jazz festival

  • Jazz festival

  • 01.08.

    Duo Emanon

  • Concert

  • 01.08.

    Lighted Batana boat parade and a dinner at the Spacio

  • The revival of Rovinj’s rich fishing history, Tuesdays and Thursdays

    In the evening join the batana procession with lanterns. It starts from the small pier near the main square and continues along the beautiful old town to the local tavern Spacio Matika in...
  • 01.08. - 20.08.

    Renata Trifković

  • Independent mosaic...
  • 02.08.

    Theatrical performance

  • ...
  • 02.08.

    Rovinj Summer Music Festival

  • 02.08. in Rovinj's former Tobacco Factory, Rovinj Summer Music Festival will host a concert of the energetic and charismatic musician Róisín...
  • 03.08.

    Bale’s night

  • Folkfest: Klapa Rišpet & Jasmin Stavros

    Bale’s night is a real public party organised by the tourist community on the first Saturday in August. By that time song, dance and homemade cuisine had already taken over the town...
  • 03.08.

    Traditional »Appuntamenti Rovignesi«

  • Solo singers...