Calendar of events

  • 21.12. - 30.09.

    Otisci utiska. Odjeci modernog tiskarstva

  • ...
  • 12.07. - 10.08.

    Rovinj art colony

  • The Rovinj art colony is the largest group exhibition of visual arts. The participants of the exhibition are artists from Rovinj but guest artists are also invited each...
  • 24.07. - 10.08.

    Josipa Pentić

  • Exhibition

  • 24.07. - 10.08.

    Jasna Bogdanović

  • Exhibition

  • 10.08.

    St. Lawrence Night

  • Saint Lawrence night is an event which accentuates the romantic spirit of Rovinj. It is characterised by numerous concerts of romantic music on different stages around the town. The...
  • 11.08.


  • One-day exhibition in the eponymous street in Rovinj’s historical centre                                                       

    Group exhibition with a 50-year-long tradition. Around a hundred artists exhibit their works there. They display oil paintings, graphics, drawings, photographs and sculptures made using...
  • 17.08.

    Bale under the stars: AXA Cup Finale

  • MTB race

    Already the name of the event, Bale Under the Stars, reveals that it is an event that takes place in the late evening hours and presents a kind of attraction, both for participants and...
  • 30.08. - 31.08.

    Rovinj`s Night

  • The Rovinj Night is a traditional entertainment event with a long tradition that has been organized for over 55 years by the Tourist Board. This year, for the people of Rovinj and their...