Calendar of events

  • 14.09. - 06.10.

    Virgilio Giuricin - Memory through time

  • Independent photo exhibition

    Retrospective on the occasion of 65 years of work and...
  • 18.09. - 31.10.


  • A hidden legacy of the ancient romans

    Cross-border destination of cultural and green...
  • 02.10.

    Musical Lessons

  • A series of educational concerts

    Two horns, one passion Diego & Denis Goldin, horn Admission is...
  • 05.10.

    Celebrating the 35th anniversary of artistic work

  • Oriana Vozila concert to mark the 35th anniversary of career that will be attended by numerous...
  • 05.10. - 06.10.

    52. Meeting of Croatian choral complexes

  • 52. Meeting of Croatian Choirs is a national event with a long tradition that brings together the best Croatian amateur choirs and choir lovers on an annual basis. The aforementioned...
  • 05.10. - 12.10.

    On the paths of Rovinj delicacies

  • Follow the paths of Rovinj delicacies on which you will be able to taste the eno-gastro specialities of Rovinj and Istria at famous Rovinj restaurants!

    1. Restaurant “FERAL“, Cocaletto 27, t. 052829070 or 0981960759 Fish menu: Feral's "Tarpaccio" (fresh fish carpaccio and tartar); Sea bass "Bellevue" (Feral-style fish from the...
  • 09.10. - 13.10.

    Rovinj Tango Festival

  • Dance workshops and a series of concerts with live music typically suited for tango will be held during the festival. 09.10. 17:00 Trg brodogradilišta Caio Rodrigez and...
  • 11.10. - 13.10.

    Musica sacra

  • International Choir Festival

    "Musica Sacra – over the boarders" international choral festival, with over 20 years of tradition that will take place in Croatia for the fifth time in a row. The previous festivals...
  • 12.10. - 13.10.

    Weekend Bike and Gourmet Tour

  • Recreational cycling ride

    Riding a bicycle is a pleasure in itself. And when added to that is the possibility of tasting Istrian delicacies, wine and olive oils, then the pleasure multiplies. That is exactly what...
  • 14.10. - 16.10.

    Croatia Coast Cup 2019

  • The Croatia Coast Cup takes place every three years. This race counts as a classic mid-range regatta and takes us every year to a new culturally interesting place. These annually changing...
  • 15.10.

    Vukovar - Portrait of the city with a Camera Obscura

  • Photo Exhibition

    Photo workshop participants: students of Nikola Andrić Elementary School,...
  • 15.10. - 15.11.

    Tradizione a tavola: viècie riciète da màr

  • The gourmet event 'Tradizione a tavola: viècie riciète da màr' represents a contribution to the efforts to involve young people in the processes of preserving our...