Calendar of events

  • 21.12. - 30.09.

    Otisci utiska. Odjeci modernog tiskarstva

  • ...
  • 27.03. - 14.04.

    Vinicio Momoli

  • Exhibition

  • 06.04. - 13.04.

    On the paths of Rovinj delicacies

  • During the event, visitors will have the opportunity to sample delicacies in famous Rovinj restaurants at promotional prices. Follow the paths of Rovinj delicacies on which you will be...
  • 06.04. - 07.04.

    Weekend Bike and Gourmet Tour

  • Recreational cycling ride

    Riding a bicycle is a pleasure in itself. And when added to that is the possibility of tasting Istrian delicacies, wine and olive oils, then the pleasure multiplies. That is exactly what...
  • 11.04. - 14.04.

    3rd Rose of Rovinj

  • Floral event

    A floral event that gathers florists, and which will offer to the residents and guests of Rovinj a diverse and broad selection of flower seedlings with the aim to promote, spread knowledge...
  • 11.04. - 12.04.

    HR Days

  • The 7th HR Days Conference in Rovinj brings together HR experts, managers, entrepreneurs and representatives of state institutions who reveal new trends and present best practices in...
  • 20.04. - 22.04.

    Easter in Rovinj

  • Easter celebration with a special entertainment program

    In Rovinj Easter is traditionally a three-day celebration full of customs and festivities. It is a time when citizens of Rovinj and their guests enjoy traditional Easter food our grannies...
  • 22.04.

    Small Antiquity Fair

  • ...
  • 26.04. - 28.04.

    Šoljan Days

  • 24th literary-scientific conference

    Šoljan Days is one of the leading literary and cultural events in Istria and Croatia, which has been taking place since 1996 in Rovinj in memory of the writer, Antun...
  • 26.04. - 28.04.

    Popolana - With Sports from Streets and Squares to Nature and Tourism

  • Sports entertainment event

    The most exciting active weekend in Rovinj awaits you at the end of April, just the right time for spring awakening. Popolana, a distinctive three-day event, is filled with sports and...
  • 27.04. - 28.04.

    Go out and dance

  • World Dance Day