Calendar of events

  • 21.12. - 30.09.

    Prints of press

  • Exhibition of the history of printing

    The exhibition covers the period from 1859, when Antonio Coana from Venice moved to Rovinj and founded the printing company "Istriana", until 1974 when the Istratisak was founded in Pazin....
  • 04.06. - 10.10.

    Along the Path of Henry Morgan

  • Bike tour on Tuesdays

  • 08.06. - 06.07.

    Rovinj Handball Camp

  • International handball camp for young handball players (ages 14-17). Handball players from all over Europe participate in the event.

    All participants have two trainings daily of 75 minutes each (except on one of the last 2 days when tournaments are taking place). Trainings are organized from Sunday morning to Friday...
  • 24.06. - 01.07.

    Croatian Summer Salsa Festival

  • This international salsa festival is considered the crown of the development of the salsa scene in Croatia, which attracts several thousand dancers from around the world each year. As part...
  • 30.06. - 07.07.

    Masterclass Valle armonica

  • Concerts

    The Masterclass combines except competition part and concerts and  workshops on: violins, accoordion, classical and electric guitars, harps, modern/classical singing and chamber...
  • 01.07.

    KUD Plesarin

  • Folklore evening

    Performance of the members of the association with the occasional animation of the...
  • 02.07.

    BaRoMus - Baroque music festival

  •  I.N.K. Experiment Duo

    Ivana Kuljerić Bilić, marimba Nikola Krbanyevitch, marimba Program: A. Vivaldi, T. Riley, W. Mertens, I. Kuljerić, V. Drobnić...
  • 02.07.

    Lighted Batana boat parade and a dinner at the Spacio

  • The revival of Rovinj’s rich fishing history, Tuesdays and Thursdays

    In the evening join the batana procession with lanterns. It starts from a small pier near the main square and continues along the beautiful old town to the local tavern Spacio Matika in...
  • 02.07.

    Rosso latino

  • Dance performances

    Dance program "Rovigno baila...
  • 03.07.

    Summer atmosphere with music and local traditions

  • Summer atmosphere with music and local traditions, culinary delicacies and entertainment, a performance by Duo...
  • 03.07.

    Theatrical performance

  • Multi-language theatrical performance in the beautiful ambience of the Austro-Hungarian...
  • 03.07.

    Basket Tour 2019

  • Basketball tournament

    Basket Tour matches are real street battles where no ball is lost. Each team is composed of 3 members. This game type is characterised by immense speed which allows frequent score changes,...