Calendar of events

  • 21.12. - 30.09.

    Prints of press

  • Exhibition of the history of printing

    The exhibition covers the period from 1859, when Antonio Coana from Venice moved to Rovinj and founded the printing company "Istriana", until 1974 when the Istratisak was founded in Pazin....
  • 21.08. - 30.09.

    Miodrag Đorđević

  • Rovinj photo exhibition 1960 -...
  • 04.09. - 30.09.


  • Exhibition of paintings

    Marine and boats of the 19th...
  • 07.09.


  • Culture and art event

    ARTISTICO, the festival of unconventional art production and design, is a unique platform that gathers and presents art and design production that stands in contrast to the conventional...
  • 13.09. - 16.09.

    Rovinj Town Day

  • The celebration of the day of the town of Rovinj - the day of Saint Euphemia, the town’s patron saint, is commemorated with a series of exhibitions, sport events and musical...
  • 13.09. - 19.09.

    Youth Day of the Istrian County

  • A variety of thematic presentations will be held from 15:00 to 19:00 in the big hall at the Cultural House. After that, there will be an entertainment program on the square where will...
  • 14.09. - 15.09.

    Dvigrad Festival

  • Early music festival

    In the early Middle Ages two towns existed here, of which only one, Dvigrad-Duecastelli, was populated throughout the entire medieval period, until the 17th century. Its exciting history...
  • 14.09.

    21st anniversary of the S. Euphemia swimming marathon

  • Anniversary of the traditional swimming marathon with a 4,5 km long track. The marathon attracts around 90 participants from different...
  • 14.09.

    Zakantajmo istrijanske kante

  • Musical event

    One of the most valuable things of Istrian cultural heritage is a specific folk song singing style, so-called “singing at thin and thick”. As such, the two part narrow intervals...
  • 15.09.

    Rovinj wine festival

  • The goal of the festival is to promote Istrian wines while giving special attention to the indigenous wine varieties such as the Istrian Malvasia, Teran, Momjan Moscato, Moscato rose. The...
  • 16.09.

    Small Antiquity Fair

  • The antiquity fair is organized on Easter Monday and every Friday from May to October every year at Trg brodogradilišta. The square then becomes a place to meet enthusiasts of...
  • 28.09.

    MTB bicycle ride Kanfanar

  • Recreational cycling tour

    An indispensable part of the Kanfanar Municipality Day is also a recreational cycling race specially organised to celebrate the local ceremony. The trail is quite long, up to 30 km, and is...