Wine roads

Istrian people have always been devoted to the wine grape cult; wine is a sacred thing here, the necessity and love, the art of living. The most famous and present wine is Istrian malmsey, with a refined aroma and fresh taste that complements the dishes made from seafood. Black wines teran and refošk are old and autochthonous Istrian wines. With their dark ruby colour, lively fruit aromas and intense taste they perfectly blend with meat dishes. Many connoisseurs of Istrian wines point out Muscat wine because of its golden colour, scent of wild carnations and extraordinary aroma.

Wine Roads of Istria are a special form of offering and selling agricultural products of a winegrowing area, where producers/stakeholders united under a wine road label offer their specialties, especially wine. In addition to the tourist and hospitality offer, a wine road inevitably includes special features of the environment and natural beauties of the areas the road passes through, as well as historical and cultural landmarks.