Notice to tourists who want visit our destination

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In order to properly inform tourists, below is the explanation of the possibility of coming to Croatia, following the new situation caused by the Covid -19 pandemic. By the decision of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, the measures on the prohibition of border crossings of the Republic of Croatia, as well as anti-epidemic measures limiting social gatherings, work in commerce, services and holding sports and cultural events are in effect until further notice. In this regard, the Town of Rovinj has also decided to cancel all public events in April, May and June. The measures regarding accommodation services are exempted from the restriction of service activities prescribed by the Civil Protection Headquarters, which means that those who provide accommodation services may perform their activities (hotels, tourist resorts, campsites, private accommodation). Restrictive measures of movement within the Republic of Croatia, as well as restrictive measures of cross-border movement are currently in effect, but the moment these measures are terminated, the tourists will be able to come again to the destination in a manner prescribed by the decisions of the Civil Protection Headquarters.