Croatian airports enter the Schengen regime

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With the entry of Croatian international airports into the Schengen regime on Sunday, March 26, with the summer flight schedule, the process of Croatia's entry into Schengen officially ended.

Passengers on internal flights, i.e., flights within the Schengen area, at nine international airports in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Pula, Rijeka, Osijek, Mali Lošinj and Brač will no longer be subject to border control.

The application of Schengen rules at airports will greatly speed up the flow of passengers and make the work of the border police easier. There is no more border control, so the time needed for the arrival and departure from airports has become significantly shorter, while nothing has changed for other passengers who do not arrive from the Schengen area.

During the tourist season, an increase in the number of passengers arriving in the Republic of Croatia is expected, and the abolition of border control on internal flights facilitates accelerated and easier transit through airports without being held up, which will significantly increase the interest of tourists in arriving in the Republic of Croatia by air; that is, their travel experience will become even more enjoyable.