Security of residential buildings

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On Wednesday 28 March 2018 the Hotel Lone hosted a seminar titled “Security of residential buildings", designed by the Istria Police Administration for the citizens, renters, owners of residential buildings and rental accommodation units, as part of the projects for property crime prevention "Protect our property" and "Safety in the tourist season", with the aim of advising on measures of self-protection as well as mechanical and technical protection. The seminar was held by the representatives of the Prevention Department of the Ministry of the Interior and the Rovinj Police Station with the duration of 45 minutes. The purpose of the seminars is to provide advice on protective behaviour to the citizens and raise the level of security of the facilities they own and make them less attractive to the perpetrators. In addition, during his presentation, the representative of the Rovinj Police Station explained to the attendees the Foreigners Act, especially the part related to the registration of foreigners' residence and work permit for aliens.