Successful start of the tourist season in Rovinj

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Rovinj has confirmed the successful start of the tourist season with a significant number of visitors during the Easter holidays.

During the extended Easter weekend, Rovinj was visited by numerous one-day visitors and guests with 16,600 overnight stays. Local guests were the most numerous, followed by guests from Germany, Austria and Italy.

Rovinj has had 47,228 arrivals and 138,806 overnight stays from 1 January until 2 April 2018, which constitutes a 58% increase in comparison with the same period last year. Local guests were the most numerous (at 31%), with an increase of 26% in comparison with last year, followed by guests from Slovenia (27%), with an increase of 79% in comparison to last year, guests from Austria (13%), with an increase of 111% in comparison to last year, and guests from Germany (8%), with an increase of 129% in comparison with last year. Hotels (83%) had the highest number of overnight stays, while private accommodations constituted 10% of overall overnight stays.

During April, several important events will take place in Rovinj, which is sure to have an impact on the number of tourist arrivals and visits:

On the Paths of Rovinj Delicacies 7-14 April

Music Lesson 11 April

Days of Communication 12-15 April

Rovinj Rose (Floral Event) 12-15 April

Faks Plays (International Festival of Wind Orchestras) 13-15 April

Weekend Bike & Gourmet Tour 14-15 April

Days of Šoljan 19 April-21 April

Faks Sings (International Festival of Choirs) 19-22 April

Popolana 27-29 April.