Locals of Rovinj are delighted by Polo-Parade

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As part of the Rovinj Polo Beach Cup, las Saturday the citizens of Rovinj and their guests had a chance to witness the tradition of the Polo Parade, the parade of horses and riders, the participants of the Cup and the Bentley cars. The parade, which started from the Polo Arena to the main town square, was followed by a large and interested crowd all the way round. In the square, along with the entertainment program, horsemen and riders were welcomed by the Rovinj Majorettes. The horses participating in the Cup are special smaller Argentine horses bred by farmers, so-called gauchos. Horses are born in Argentina and early separated from the mares and brought to Europe to stud farms where they are trained for pole tournaments. It takes at least five years to prepare the Argentine pole horse for the tournament. In addition, during this period, it is necessary to provide about 25 thousand euros for each horse – every year. It is also interesting to note that 90 percent of the race horses are actually mares because they have a 'good' personality. This year's 3rd edition of the Rovinj Beach Polo Cup started on June 8th and lasted until Sunday, June 10th. Six teams participated, and the total winners of the Cup are members of the Adris team, consisting of the Chairman of the Mexican Polo Federation (Gullermo Steta), the winner of the Rovinj tournament in 2016, American Bruce Coley and one of the most experienced polo players in Europe, Marcell Caivan.