The second edition of the event "Kale, pjacete i kantuni"

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On Fiday, July 28, was held the new event organized by Tourist Board of the Town of Rovinj-Rovigno "Kale, pjacete i kantuni". This event aims to emphasize the romantic atmosphere of the city and enrich the entertainment program. The program took place in the evening at several locations along the waterfront and in the Old Town, and the performers were as follows:

1. Trg Brodogradilišta: KUD Plesarin & duo Magnolia

2. Obala Aldo Rismondo / Rio Bar: Duo Eligio & Boris

3. Trg Pignaton / Bakus: Quartet Mirko Cetinski i prijatelji

4. Trg Riviera: Energy quartet

5. Ulica Sveti Križ: KUD/SAC Marco Garbin

6. Trg Matteotti: Duo Kristian & Tasha

7. Plato crkve sv. Eufemije: Piccola Orchestrina Molo Grande