Antonja 2018.

Antonja 2018. Photo gallery

Traditional exhibition of wine and olive oil made by Rovinj producers

The wine exhibition has been held continuously since 1991, while the olive oil exhibition has been held every year since 2003. The event begins with the Istrian Soup Festival accompanied by a presentation and demonstration of its preparation. The exhibition is actually a competition where the best wines of professional wine makers, but also those of amateurs are graded. The best olive oils are also graded. The event is accompanied by an entertaining music programme.        

Wednesday, 17/1/2018

11:00    Holy Mass, Church of St. Anthony the Abbot, Rovinjsko Selo

17:00     Indoor soccer tournament – “Antonja Cup“, Rovinj, “Valbruna“ Hall


Friday, 19/1/2018


Tent next to the Cultural Center, Matka Laginje Square, Rovinjsko Selo

15:00    Guided Rovinj olive oil tasting

16:00    I. guided Rovinj wine tasting – A PRIMER

17:00    II. guided Rovinj wine tasting – THE BEST OFF

Tastings are free – registrations until 18/1/2018 at 098 944 8970

16:00    Beginning of the wine and olive oil tasting

17:00    Performance of the students of the Luka Brgić Accordion Center

18:00    Welcome speech and opening ceremony

18:30    Performance of the Cultural Art Society “Stjepan Žiža“ Rovinjsko  Selo

18:45    Performance of the Rovinj Association of Pensioners

19:10    Wine and olive oil sample analysis

19:30    Presentation of awards and recognitions to contestants

Host:  Luka Brgić

20:00 Entertainment program: Eleonora Dobrović and Luka Brgić