5th Istrian Supa Festival

5th Istrian Supa Festival Photo gallery

The festival of the Istrian supa is held as part of the event of Antonja in Rovinjsko Selo

Tent next to the Cultural Center, Matka Laginje Square, Rovinjsko Selo

16:00    Beginning of Istrian supa tasting with a rich gastronomic offer

16:30    Workshop: demonstration of the preparation of Istrian supa

17:30    Competition in preparation of traditional and creative Istrian supa (6 teams)

18:00    Evaluation of supa by the expert jury

19:00    Welcome speech and opening ceremony

19:20    Presentation of works by Rovinj elementary school pupils on the topic of making a bukaleta, a traditional Istrian pottery jug

19:30    Remiđo Sošić – giving thanks to the creator of Antonja and the first Chakavian poet of Rovinj

19:30    Best Istrian Supa award ceremony

20:00    Supa Box presentation

21:30    Awarding prizes to visitors (visitors participate in the contest by purchasing bukaleta)

Host: Jelena Vitasović

Entertainment program in the tent until 22:00 - “MAGNOLIA“

Entertainment program at the Cultural Center from 22:00 to 03:00 - “GUSTAFI” and “ANELIDI“


A free shuttle service is organized on Saturday, 20 January 2018 from the bus station in Rovinj on the route Rovinj - Rovinjsko Selo - Rovinj

Departure: 17:00; 18:00; 19:00; 20:00 / Return: 01:00; 02:00; 03:00