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Rovinj Photodays is one of the biggest photography festivals in south-eastern Europe. The final part of the festival takes place in Rovinj, and it is preceded by different activities such as yearly contests, travelling exhibitions and similar events. A series of workshops, lectures, portfolio reviews, exhibitions and other events take place during the Rovinj festival. Program schedule:

FRIDAY, May 4, 2019

1 PM - COUNTY MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF ROVINJ, 1st FLOOR: Official opening of the festival


1 PM - COUNTY MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF ROVINJ: FINALISTS’ EXHIBITION - International Competition of Contemporary Photography - 12th Rovinj Photodays, 2019 - nominated authors with approximately 115 photos from all 7 categories: architecture, documentary photography, portraits, landscapes, body, fashion and artistic concept
Curators: Dunja Nekić & Iva Prosoli

1:45 PM - ST. THOMAS CHURCH: : SONJA ŽUGIĆ "PREDELA" – exhibition of the winner of the Rovinj Photodays Grand Prix 2018
Curator: Dunja Nekić

2:30 PM - COMMUNITY OF ITALIANS OF THE CITY OF ROVIGNO: BALAZS DEIM "SPACE" - exhibition of the winner of the contest "Different Worlds" organized by Photon Center for Photography in Ljubljana
Curator: Špela Pipan

3:15 PM – CVA BATANA: BRUNA KAZINOTI "BLUE EYES" - exhibition of fashion photography produced by Rovinj Photodays 2019 

The 2019 edition of the "Friends of the Sea" exhibition series consists of 60 large-format presenting a series of captivating photographs of the underwater world of the North Adriatic. Photos by Danijel Frka and Marino Brzac.


THURSDAY, May 2, 2019

12 PM - 4 PM MMC (Multimedia Center Rovinj): Fashion Photography Masterclass by MARE MILIN: "FASHION PORTRAIT AND EMOTION" (Powered by Profoto) - Part 1 (for registered and accredited participants)

FRIDAY, May 3, 2019

10 AM - 2PM MMC (Multimedia Center Rovinj): Fashion Photography Masterclass by MARE MILIN: "FASHION PORTRAIT AND EMOTION" (Powered by Profoto) - Part 2 (for registered and accredited participants)

5 PM - Cultural Center Rovinj: HUAWEI BY TIBOR GOLOB - presentation of a new mobile phone - Huawei P30 Pro, an introduction to the workshop - part 1

5:45 PM - Cultural Center Rovinj: photo clubs coordination

8:00 PM - TN Amarin: dinner for accredited guests

10 PM - TN Amarin: After party by Sarajevo DJ Photo Friends, with a welcome drink by Geržinić Wines

SATURDAY, May 4, 2019

10:00 AM - 12 PM Rovinj: HUAWEI PHOTO WORKSHOP BY TIBOR GOLOB (for registered and accredited participants)

10:30 AM - 12 PM - Cultural Center Rovinj: portfolio reviews (by previously agreed procedure and submissions)

12:30 PM - 1:15 PM Cultural Center Rovinj (Press Centre building, 2nd floor): a get-together with the festival’s jury president – Hrvoje Slovenc

1:30 PM - 2:15 PM Cultural Center Rovinj Artist Talk - Bruna Kazinoti, fashion photographer

2.30 PM - 3 PM Cultural Center Rovinj Artist Talk - competition category winner

7 PM - TN Amarin: dinner for all the accredited festival guests

9:15 PM - TN Amarin: Official Awards Ceremony for the winners of the Rovinj Photodays 2019 Festival and the Grand Prix winner announcement

10:15 PM - TN Amarin: After Party: DJ Luca Montecchi Show

SUNDAY, May 5, 2019

10 AM - 10:30 AM - TN Amarin:  meeting of the Festival's committee

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