Rovinj Town Day

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The celebration of the day of the town of Rovinj - the day of Saint Euphemia, the town’s patron saint, is commemorated with a series of exhibitions, sport events and musical programmes.

14.9. at 5 pm - Hook & Cook
  at 6 pm - Rovinj wine festival
  at 8 pm - Concert: Gustafi
  at 10 pm - Concert: Koktelsi
15.9. at 11 am - Distribution of free sardines Small pier - The Batana house stand
  at 11:30 am - Majorettes performance
  at 12 am - Arrival of participants "From punta to punta by sea and land" and marathon runner Sandi Mužina and friends (Bale-Rovinj)
  at 7 pm - Promotion of the monograph "Virgilio Giuricin - Memory through Time" MMC
  at 7 pm - Music program: Big Wave, The Link 20, Party Band, Master Band
  at 9 pm - Ballbrakers AC/DC Tribute Band
16.9. at 10 am - Gastronomic corner of the Rovinj Craftsmen's Association
  at 7:30 pm - Female Klapa Teranke
  at 9:30 pm - Đani Stipaniočev and Renata Sabljak


St. Euphemia - Program 2019