Rovinj regatta of traditional boats with lug and latin sail

Rovinj regatta of traditional boats with lug and latin sail Photo gallery

17th Edition of the traditional regatta

The Rovinj regatta of traditional boats with lug and lateen sails has been taking place in Rovinj waters in mid-June since 2005. From the start, the goal of the event has been not only to preserve the traditional knowledge and lug sailing techniques, but also the art of lugsail design and painting. A fleet of about 40 boats from the wider Adriatic area will gather for the regatta, especially from Northern Italy, Slovenia, and our Istria and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. The event program is a creative and artistic celebration of maritime culture and our batana boat, offering an array of activities for all ages.

9:00 h Arrival of vessels and their crews. The vessels will be lowered into the sea in the area between the squero and the jetty/pier from which the liners for the islands of Sv. Katarina and St. Andrew, (before the "Delfin" swimming pool). Mooring of boats on the waterfront (Great pier). Arrival of children at workshops.
10:30–12:00 h Welcome to the participants and opening of the event (Great pier). Information about the regatta, distribution of the Regatta brochure. Children's workshop (IV grade) "I'm fishing alone!" - in cooperation with the Sports Fishing Club "Meduza" on the Great pier, painting of small mainsails, cardboard model of a small batana, lugsail.
12:00–13:00 h Start of joint sailing in front of the Great Pier to Figarola.
13:00–16:00 h Joint lunch and socializing on Figarola.
19:30 h Joint dinner and socializing on the Great pier with live music. Concert of KUD "Marco Garbin" of the Community of Italians "Pino Budicin" Rovinj-Rovigno.
21:30 h Night parade of all participants. Presentation of vessels and crews.
10:00 h Joint brunch, distribution of lunch packages to all vessels and information about the regatta.
11:00 h Welcome of the Rovinj-Rovigno Brass Band for the start of the Regatta (Great pier).
11:30 h Start of the regatta.
14:30 h End of the regatta.
16:00–18:00 h Awarding of prizes to the winners. Greetings guests (Great pier). Joint catering and socializing. Closing of the event.