Popolana Photo gallery

Recreational sporting event

This year's Popolana will be held under the motto ALL FOR OUR UNA.
As in all these years, Popolana will be a sign of kindness and humanity. All income from the sale of T-shirts (everyone gives the amount according to their wishes and possibilities) will be transferred to the therapy needs of our four-year-old fellow citizen.
Due to the works on the city's main square, this year's Popolana will be held on the basketball courts near the Eden Hotel.
The stand for the humanitarian action will be set up also on Pignaton Square in the very center of the city.
In the sports part of the program, the most significant news is that the Rovinj Half Marathon is returning.
The recreational part includes walking and running on a 5 km section from the basketball courts to the Delfin pool and back through the Golden Cape forest park and a guided bike ride of 20-25 km. Participation in the races is possible by purchasing a T-shirt.
In the competitive part of the program, in addition to the half marathon (21 km), there will also be a relay race where each member runs 6 km. The handover of the baton is on Cuvi beach, where all participants are expected by a cheerful team with music. All registered competitors will receive an isotonic drink HELL, eco beer Kampanjola and a race T-shirt in the start package.
The fastest on the longest section of 21 km expect cash prizes, and the first three relay teams also receive prizes from sponsors.
Applications via the website www.popolana.eu where GPS track records are also available. The half-marathon route runs along the coast from the forest park all the way to the Veštar camp, so the entire route is run with a view of the sea. The registration fee for both races (relay race and 21 km) is 20 euros, which includes a T-shirt for the humanitarian action.
Sports activities will be completed by members of sports associations who will present their activities.
The goal of this manifestation, in addition to promoting sports, a healthy lifestyle, completing the tourist offer and participating in sports competitions, is also to sensitize the public to volunteer work and involve as many people as possible in humanitarian actions with the aim of promoting togetherness and cooperation.