Mulini Beach Rovinj

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The rocky and pebbly Mulini Beach is located in the southern part of Rovinj

The Mulini Beach Rovinj is rocky and pebbly city/town promenade beach. There are benches, deck chairs, beach umbrellas, cabins for changing clothes, beds, a toilet, shower and an information desk at the Mulini bar.

The Mulini beach is located close to the town centre in a beatiful area of Rovinj city and is accessable on the coastal path and a walking trail. It is near a luxury hotels and Zlatni rt Forest Park, and represents a blend of contemporary luxury and local tradition and heritage. The beach has a nice entry to the sea, suitable for families with children.

The beach hosts Mulini Beach Bar, a perfect place to enjoy a late breakfast or lunch on the beach and relax while sipping cocktails and watching spectacular sunsets. The Mulini Beach Rovinj was landscaped in 2014.