Polari Bay

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Polari Bay is situated 3 km from the town center, located within the campsite Polari. For the most part the coast in this area is stony and some beaches are paved with cobble stones in order to make the access to the sea easier. On the northern side of Polari Bay, along the border with Villas Rubin, a pebble beach is located which is very suitable for children. Next to the beach, a playground has been set up with swings, seesaws and a slide, and there is also a cultivated meadow where children can play with a ball or frisbee, etc. When going down to the southern part of Polari Bay, you will come to a little quay and a little port which is available for use for guests of the campsite. In this part the coast is stony and it's not easy to go into the water or to find a place for a sunbath. After Polari Bay there is Cape Eve (Punta Eva), a nudist beach which stretches as far as to the end of the campsite.