The St. John in the Open Sea Lighthouse

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The St. John in the open sea lighthouse was built on the same named cliff which is situated in front of Rovinj-Rovigno. The local people from Rovinj call it Lanterna. It is the most distant islet of the small archipelago of 13 islands which are situated in front of Rovinj-Rovigno. It is a bare rock length of 70 meters and 50 meters of width. Lighthouse was built by the Austro-Hungarian authorities in 1853. Octagonal stone tower of the lighthouse, from which You can enjoy a breathtaking view, is 23 meters high and inside the building there are two apartments. There is a permanent crew at the lighthouse. The island has a small pier and crane for small boats. The straight rocks of St. John islet are ideal for sunbathing. The caution is recommended for the swimmers. It is advisable for them not to swim away from the island due to unpredictable sea currents and good dolphins, which are not allowed to disturb. There are 2 smaller beaches with shallow water which are situated at the opposite sides of the island.The depth of the sea around St. John ranges from 10 to 40-meters and it is rich in vegetation and numerous fish species. Therefore, underwater and sport fishing are especially attractive in this island. The undersea world is very attractive for diving because of the remains of sunken ships.