203 Track Vistrum (mtb)

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Itinerary description:

The Villas Rubin tourist resort, Valbruna, Palud and Stancija Milić are the points through which this 26.6 km long Vistrum trail passes. 
The trail itself starts and ends in Lone Bay and more precisely at the very entrance to the Punta Corrente Forest Park. The elegance of both nature and history has been interwoven into this trail which, after a couple of hundred meters, brings us to the Punta Corrente Forest Park.
A glimpse of its Venetian past will be felt at the end of the Muntravo (Montauro) quarry, and by passing through Cuvi Bay, you will almost certainly be aware why it is one of the favourites for swimming.
You will encounter the rich Rovinj past when cycling along the Roman tank, and the beauty of the fauna will be evoked at the Palud Ornithological Reserve, which keeps secret as many as 220 bird species that have been observed so far. Riding bicycles through Palud is forbidden, so it will be necessary to turn off the trail for a visit. 
This trail will take you past a few churches so you will ride past the Church of St. Nicholas from the 12th century and the Madonna di Campo (St. Mary of the Fields) church from the 15th century. This encounter with history ends on passing along the Burial tumuli at the Mušega and the Monkodonja Archaeological Park.

Technical specifications:

With a total length of 26.2 km and only 200 meters in altitude difference, the Vistrum trail is marked for all bicycle lovers. There are no significant uphill or downhill areas, so it is suitable for all types of bikes: from mountain to electric, trekking and touring. This trail is also dominated by a macadam path that is up to 17 km long, while the rest of the trail is paved. On the macadam part of the trail the size of the stones is small to medium, without sharp edges while the sliding level is rather low. In short: the trail is suitable for all types of bicycles and all levels of rider.

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