Rovinj records 1 million overnight visits

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On 17 June 2022 Rovinj is the first in Croatia to reach the milestone of one million overnight visits, and it happened five days earlier than in the record-breaking 2019. That is 16% more overnight visits than in 2019, i.e., visits have been up 125% compared to 2021. Rovinj recorded 224.992 arrivals, which is a 6% increase compared to 2019 and a 129% increase when compared to 2021.
Top markets by visits are Germany (34%), Austria (18%), Croatia (13%), Slovenia (9%) and Italy (5%). By accommodation providers, 38% of visitors have chosen campsites, 31% stayed in hotels, 19% rented private properties and 10% stayed in tourist resorts. Currently we have 29,000 visitors visiting our destination, 20% more than on the same date in 2019, with the majority of our guests arriving from Germany (45%), Austria (25%) and Italy (4%).