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Mediterranean Music Festival

In July Rovinj will host the Mediterranean Folk Music Festival Sete Sòis Sete Luas (Seven Suns, Seven Moons). The festival has its official seat in Lisbon (Portugal) and Pontedera (Italy). It is promoted by the Culture Network in 30 cities, in 10 different countries of the Mediterranean and Portuguese-speaking countries: Brazil, Cabo Verde, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, and in the past several years, in Croatia and Rovinj. The festival is a project of folk music, street theatre performances and visual arts, gathering prominent artists of the Mediterranean culture.

Monday, 8.7.

21:00 - JUAN PINILLA (Andalusia, Spain): flamenco

Juan Pinilla, the "favorite" of the city of Granada, represents one of the best and most authentic voices of flamenco. At the National Canto de las Minas de la Unión competition, one of the most prestigious competitions in the whole of Spain, he won as many as seven first places, and in 2007 he also won the highest award, the so-called "Lampara Minera", which characterized him as an authentic discovery. He played in Iran, England, Germany, Morocco and the Czech Republic. Juan's singing is 100% flamenco, social and intimate at the same time. National premiere.

22:00 - FLO (Naples, Italy)

FLO, eclectic and versatile, with a brilliant career as a singer-songwriter and theater actress, is one of the most respected artists of the Neapolitan musical panorama in the field of original world music. Flo guides us through stories about the mysterious and fascinating south, in a combination of music and words, songs and stories. In her artistic career, she shared the stage with the greats of Italian and world music such as Stefano Bollani, Paolo Fresu, Daniele Sepe, Enrico Rava... National premiere.

Četvrtak, 11.7.

21:00 - MED-LUSO 7SÓIS BAND (Brazil, Italy, Martinque, Portugal, Spain)

MED LUSO 7SÓIS BAND is an original creation of the Sete Sóis Sete Luas Festival, which brings together 6 prestigious musicians and a belly dancer from Brazil, Italy, Martinique, Portugal and Spain. They developed an original repertoire inspired by the multicultural values ​​of the Sete Sóis Sete Luas Festival and elaborated it in a musical performance according to the tradition of each member of the ensemble, which consists of: from Portugal Tomás Pimentel on trumpet and musical leadership and Quiné on percussion, from Brazil Jair Dantas on accordion, from Spain El Topo on bass and dancer Nazareth, from Martinique Hervé Celcal as vocalist and keyboardist, from Tuscany Paolo Bivona as vocalist and on ukulele. National premiere.

22:00 - GUSTAFI (Istria, Croatia)

The band is known for its electric style that combines Istrian folk music and rock, with the influence of blues. The band was founded in 1990 in Vodnjan, a small Istrian town, and is one of the most significant examples of the so-called ČA-wave (Cha Wave), a type of pop-rock music accompanied by lyrics sung in the Chakavian dialect of Istria, thanks to which the band became very popular in Croatia in the mid-90s.

Free entry.