Calendar of events

  • 28.03. - 31.03.

    Days of Communication

  • Marketing communications festival

    The international marketing communications festival that brought together IdejaX and Effie Awards Croatia! This festival is designed to be the central gathering place of Croatian marketing...
  • 30.03.

    Chef culinary - Igor Jagodic

  • Enjoy in the specialties of the best Slovenian chef in 2019

    More info on Culinary...
  • 01.04.

    Musical Lessons

  • A series of educational concerts

    Let's be creative Carlos Fagin, jazz...
  • 06.04. - 07.04.

    Weekend Bike and Gourmet Tour

  • Recreational cycling ride

    Riding a bicycle is a pleasure in itself. And when added to that is the possibility of tasting Istrian delicacies, wine and olive oils, then the pleasure multiplies. That is exactly what...
  • 06.04. - 13.04.

    On the paths of Rovinj delicacies

  • Follow the paths of Rovinj delicacies on which you will be able to taste the eno-gastro specialities of Rovinj and Istria at famous Rovinj restaurants!

    1. Restaurant “BRANCIN DA NINO“, Trg G. Pignatona 8, tel. 052 811530 or 098 2811530     Fish menu: Sea bass pâté with truffles; Octopus and...
  • 11.04. - 12.04.

    Rovinj HR Days

  • Conference on Human Resource Management

    The 7th HR Days Conference in Rovinj brings together HR experts, managers, entrepreneurs and representatives of state institutions who reveal new trends and present best practices in...
  • 12.04.

    Klapa Valdibora

  • CD promotion and concert

    On Friday, April 12, beginning at 7 pm in Antonio Gandusio theatre, Klapa Valdibora will promote their first CD. In addition to the presentation of the CD, a suitable concert will be held,...
  • 13.04. - 28.04.

    Living the sea

  • Independent photo exhibition - Ivan Kosić

    Motifs obtained from one fishing...
  • 16.04. - 20.04.

    The strength of children in motion

  • International children’s sport tournament

    International football and handball tournament for children and teenagers from ages 9 to 17. A competition with 250 teams and more than 3500 participants from many different European...
  • 20.04. - 22.04.

    Easter in Rovinj

  • Easter celebration with a special entertainment program

    In Rovinj Easter is traditionally a three-day celebration full of customs and festivities. It is a time when citizens of Rovinj and their guests enjoy traditional Easter food our grannies...
  • 20.04.

    Tastes of our fields

  • The first in a series of events at which the agricultural products of Rovinj producers will be presented. The visitors will have a chance to get familiar with the tastes and fragrances of...
  • 20.04.

    Earth Day

  • REkreator celebrates the Earth Day in Rovinj

    The REkreator Association is marking the Day of the Earth Planet in Rovinj through occasional activities that promote...