Rovinj in Summer

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Rovinj is one of the best and most popular summer holiday destinations in Croatia.
Visitors who want to enjoy a luxurious holiday can stay in the elite Monte Mulini zone, next to the Golden Cape forest park, where top quality 4-star and 5-star hotels overlooking the beautiful Mulini Beach near the newly-built marina are located. Numerous coves and gravel beaches, children's playgrounds and other facilities offered by family-friendly hotels, tourist resorts, campsites and private accommodation make Rovinj an excellent choice for a family vacation. Staying in one of the numerous Rovinj campsites is an ideal choice for nature lovers. Pine trees casting a pleasant shade are scattered all around the campsites. The camping sites are located a few steps away from the sea and well-kept beaches and are equipped with various facilities, pools and amenities for children.

During the summer months, swimming in the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, lazing around on the beautiful beaches in the Golden Cape forest park and discovering the pristine nature hidden in numerous coves will make your stay in Rovinj simply unforgettable. In Rovinj, naturists can look forward to a spacious campsite and a tourist resort with well-kept beaches and a marina.

The summer entertainment program in Rovinj starts with the traditional events Croatian Summer Salsa Festival and Summer Sensual Days. In addition to the above, occasional events of atmospheric character and romantic atmosphere are organized, such as musical summer evenings held in the streets and squares, baroque music concerts and concerts of classical music in churches. The Grisia exhibition takes place in the eponymous street, where academic and non-established artists exhibit their works; it is one of the trademarks of Rovinj's old town. During the Batana Boat Parade you will be sailed to the Spacio (a traditional tavern in Rovinj) in a batana (a small, wooden flat-bottomed boat), where you will hear the melodies of bitinada (traditional Rovinj songs). Visitors to Rovinj can also watch a batana being built in the open and enjoy evenings dedicated to the local tradition in the Riviera square. The largest regional festival of the communications industry, Weekend Media Festival, marks the end of summer with great lectures and panels and attracts all those who are interested in trends and innovations in the world of communications.

For guests and visitors of Rovinj, the tourist board organizes a free bike tour around Rovinj as part of the project Feel the breeze of Rovinj, which includes a visit to archaeological sites.

Thanks to the numerous islands and islets surrounding it, as well as an interesting underwater landscape, Rovinj is the ideal place for sailing and diving enthusiasts. The appeal of the diving sites in Rovinj lies in the rich, varied and well-preserved marine wildlife and aquatic vegetation, as well as in a multitude of underwater walls, reefs, caves and shipwrecks. The most breath-taking diving site is undoubtedly the wreck of the Baron Gautsch steamboat. Apart from sunbathing, swimming and sailing, fans of seaside leisure activities can also enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, fishing, beach volleyball, etc. which are available in many tourist resorts.

A walk along the streets of Rovinj's historical centre is a true artistic experience. Visitors to Rovinj are enthralled by the cultural and historical monuments, the church of St. Euphemia, the Rovinj Museum, galleries and studios displaying artworks and souvenirs. A special treat is a visit to the Batana House Eco Museum dedicated to a wooden flatboat called batana. Due to its activity in preserving the flatboat-building tradition, the museum was included in the UNESCO's Register of the world’s best practices for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage.