eVisitor – General Informations

The Croatian National Tourist Board, together with the system of tourist boards and other stakeholders, has developed an information system called eVisitor with the aim of simplifying the process of tourist check-in and check-out and the control of tourist tax payments.

The Ordinance on the manner of keeping the register of tourists and on the form and content of the tourist registration form for the Tourist Board was published in the Official Gazette no. 126/15 by which the information system eVisitor was prescribed as a central place for tourist check-in and check-out, the collection of tourist tax and statistical management of data regarding accommodation providers and tourists.

Those obliged to register their guests as well as tourist offices must start using this system from 1 January 2016 and after that date all other ways of registration will be abolished.

When the Ordinance on the manner of keeping the register of tourists and on the form and content of the tourist registration form for the Tourist Board (Official Gazette no. 126/15) enters into force, the Ordinance  on  the  procedure  of  registration  of  arrival  and  departure  of  tourists  and  the manner of keeping lists of tourists (Official Gazette no. 113/09) shall expire.

This means that from 1 January 2016, registration through the website www.prijavaturista.com or by submitting paper application forms, Form 1 and Form 8a, will no longer be possible as well as any other method of registration, but only via eVisitor information system (Article 4, Paragraph 2 of the Ordinance of the Official Gazette no. 126/15).

Find more about eVisitor below:

A new tourist check-in and check-out information system is a unique information system that functionally connects all tourist offices in the Republic of Croatia, and will be available via the Internet without the need for special installation on your computer. The above mentioned system will provide basic tourist information of all tourist offices and about 60,000 accommodation providers, and each Tourist Board will have access to all the data collected on the accommodation providers and their accommodation facilities as well as the arrivals and departures of tourists in their area. An Internet connection and browser  is all that is needed to use the above information system, and for security reasons, the end-users will get a special password to access the system by which the collection and processing of data from the scope of work of tourist boards is harmonized with the regulations on protection of personal data.

What is the purpose of this tourist check-in and check-out information system?

  • Collection and processing of data on accommodation providers and their accommodation facilities on the Croatian territory – all relevant data on the accommodation providers (name, personal identification number (OIB), address) and their accommodation facilities (type, category, location, accommodation capacity) available from the approvals issued by State Administration Offices in the counties or the Ministry of Tourism will be entered in the check-in and check-out information system. For this reason, this information system can be used as a unique and easily searchable database of all accommodation providers, i.e. a unique database of all accommodation facilities in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. In this sense, the intention is to replace current individual registers kept by each county or by the Ministry of Tourism, by eVisitor.
  • Checking-in and checking-out guests via the Internet by the accommodation provider – the end users of the tourist check-in and check-out information system (natural and legal persons acting as accommodation providers) will be able to independently and at any time check-in and check-out the guests in their facilities via this information system, what will result in the automated list (book) of guests at the level of each facility or the individual accommodation provider.
  • Calculation and control of the collection of tourist tax - based on registered check-ins and check-outs of guests and the information on each accommodation facility, the information system will automatically, taking into account the parameters relating to the category of the tourist destination, duration of the season and other elements relevant to the calculation, perform the calculation of tourist tax per each accommodation facility or individual accommodation provider and link the payments with debts and thereby calculate the current obligation.
  • Treatment and analysis of data and reporting for the purpose of statistics – provided data will allow tracing tourist movements almost in real time, with a lag of 24 hours the most, under one or more criteria such as the length of the visit, location, gender, age, country or place of residence and other, what will enable the system of tourist boards to implement active marketing policy, and provide the public with current data on the movement of tourists.  Considering that the part of these data will be free of charge and available through the web portal, the same can be used by all economic operators who provide tourist services for the purpose of adjusting their offer, thus achieving the synergistic effect of all tourist stakeholders on promotion of Croatian tourism and achieving competitiveness of the offer. Moreover, the access to data base will enable the Central Bureau of Statistics as well as the scientific research institutions to conduct further and more complex statistical and other analysis related to the tourism sector.
  • Mutual cooperation of public authorities in carrying out legal tasks - via remote access to the database, the tourist check-in and check-out information system will enable all interested public bodies (Customs Administration, MINT, Ministry of Interior, State Attorney's Office and others) to use the collected data for the realization of their legally prescribed tasks, without additional administrative requirements or barriers.

For accommodation providers the business process remains substantially unchanged except in the delivery of data which will now be available only electronically. For this reason, it is necessary to:

  • Adapt the existing information systems for the registration of tourists in order to be able to exchange data. More information can be found on the link below: https://www.evisitor.hr/eVisitorWiki/(X(1)S(f403b0qzidl35k1sxpkt44fd))/Javno.Web-API.ashx;  
  • For those who do not have their own information reception systems, eVisitor is designed as a web application fully functional as is without requiring any additional download and is free for all users. A prerequisite is that until 1 January 2016, or until the arrival of the first guests you collect the user data  (user name, password, TAN list) at the Tourist Board;
  • For those who do not possess basic IT equipment (computer, smartphone or tablet) the Ordinance envisages the installation of the terminal at the tourist board where registration can be made with the assistance of the tourist board employees.

The person obliged to make the registration must personally come to the relevant tourist board only once and collect the user data by submitting ID documents. In case this person is the owner of the vacation apartment or house and/or the resident of the municipality/city, it is necessary to present the proof of property ownership.

Materials which will facilitate the use of the system can be downloaded via link: http://business.croatia.hr/hr-HR/Hrvatska-turisticka-zajednica/eVisitor.

When using the eVisitor application or after logging into the eVisitor system, an icon with a question mark appears in the top right corner of the screen, providing access to the eVisitor help pages (wiki content). The above web pages contain all important information about the system and documentation for connecting to other systems. There you can also find frequently asked questions with answers.